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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
  NJ faster divorce bill: bad idea
The AP reports:
N.J. Senate acts to speed up the divorce process

New Jersey couples who cite "irreconcilable differences" would be able to get divorced in six months under a bill passed in the Senate yesterday.
State law requires couples to wait 18 months. The bill, approved 30-5, has been considered by an Assembly committee but not the full Assembly. It was supported by the New Jersey Bar Association and opposed by the New Jersey Catholic Conference. - AP--

Posted 12/5/06 at

This is a bad idea. New Jersey is currently tied for the 9th-lowest divorce rate in the U.S. (according to 2004 divorce rates). Its current law requires an 18-month wait for no-fault divorce when only one spouse wants the divorce. Americans for Divorce Reform's research consistently shows very low divorce rates in states, like New Jersey, that have long divorce waiting periods that are shortened when both spouses consent to the divorce.

-- John Crouch

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