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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  What's Indiana's divorce rate? Nobody knows
What's Indiana's divorce rate? Nobody knows:


September 11, 2006 (FORT WAYNE, Ind.) - Activists and elected officials sometimes cite Indiana's divorce rate as proof that the institution of marriage needs protection, but no one really knows what that rate is.

Indiana is one of five states that don't track divorce statistics.

But not knowing the divorce rate doesn't stop lobbyists from pushing the state to take steps to lower it. State Representative Robert Kuzman, a Crown Point Democrat, notes that several covenant marriage bills have been filed over the years with the purpose of reducing divorce, even thoudh no one knows what the divorce rate is.

The Legislative Services Agency, the research arm of the General Assembly, has been unable to find any official divorce rates for Indiana.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma says a 50 percent divorce rate often is cited in testimony on bills before the General Assembly. He says it's a statistic the state should track.

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What's Indiana's divorce rate? Nobody knows
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